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custom woodworking shop vermont nh upper valleyThere are endless possibilities when working with reclaimed lumber. The beams and boards from a weathered barn, become the wall in a family room,  the trunk of a fallen tree transformed into table lamp, or an old metal roof cut and assembled into a truly unique picture frame. These are the materials  we have chosen for use in our work. Some of the wood is reconditioned, while some of it is left almost untouched, its age and story adding to the uniqueness of the project. Most reclaimed wood can be finished to achieve a pristine surface, while still leaving the visible evidence of its age in every knot, groove and variation in color.

In our modern society, the sight of reclaimed vintage wood offers a feeling of warmth and comfort. Boards once used to house horses and cows now provide an elegant accent to a room and a reminder of a simpler time. Our goal is to bring out the uniqueness and emotion while preserving the woods natural beauty. One of the most important aspects of using reclaimed wood is that it also helps to reduce the ecological impact on our environment.


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Farmhouse Cabinetry has been in business for over 15 years. Our services consists of custom cabinetry, built-ins, fireplace mantels, custom woodwork, kitchen remodels, baths and art pieces for your home. The primary focus of our work has been to understand the functional needs and design considerations of our clients and to deliver an unsurpassed product that will bring pleasure to many homeowners throughout New England.

What makes Farmhouse Cabinetry unique is our creativity. We design according to our client’s style, wants and needs and find the best way to implement the project to the space. Our constants are service, quality of design, material and craftsmanship. In the design stage, we talk about styles you like, what the function of the project will be and how we can accommodate it within the space. We may take photographs of your space and do some sketching to help you visual the end product. Most of our projects are prefinished in our workshop and that saves time at the home leaving just the installation and finishing touches. Pieces are made at the shop, pre-painted and assembled on site.