custom built-ins upper valley nh vt contractors

The Upper Valley area offers a lot of unique and beautiful homes. Often, there are wasted spaces that we can utilize to add functionality and organization to our lives. Let us help you maximize storage space while creating a piece of furniture unique to your home. A well thought-out built-in can de-clutter your home by creating the perfect storage for toys and games, videos, craft supplies or any other item you prefer out of sight yet easily accessed. Here at Farmhouse Cabinetry we specialize in creating solutions that reflect your style and fit seamlessly into your homes design. We can create a space-saving solution that allow you to gain storage without losing valuable floor space.

We offer custom storage solutions to organize any space, such as cabinetry, entertainment/media centers, entryways, bookcases and more. Let us help you create a  stunning piece, custom designed to fit the space and your budget. Beautiful, functional solutions, that are a genuine expression of you and your lifestyle.

Built-ins are an incredibly popular aspect of interior design, from charming woodwork to soaring modern homes with sleek, minimalist shelving built right into their walls. Inspiration can come from many different places. To get ideas and inspiration for the layout and style of your project, you may find it helpful to look at design catalogs, decor magazines, and even homes of friends and neighbors. You can see how people have used shelving to create libraries, storage spaces, and more.

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