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Finish carpentry is the last step in the carpentry process. It involves the installation of finish woods and trim such as crown molding, baseboards, windows, stairs and other features of a building that requires aesthetic appeal. Finish carpentry can be referred to as the final touches that make a house a home. Home accents like built-ins, fireplace mantles, stair railings and wainscoting, can greatly increase not only the aesthetics of your home but the value as well. Projects can include basic, functional items such as hardwood flooring, railings and stairs. Most often, however, finish carpentry is aesthetic. Projects of finish carpenters typically include:


  • custom home accents birch bark valance finish carpentry upper valley area vermontcut and add design flourishes to window, railings and door trim
  • install and dress up baseboards at the floor and crown molding at the ceiling
  • install crown molding, wainscoting, and wall paneling
  • built-ins, intricate fireplace mantles, and closets.


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